Organization Development & Efficiency Improvement

Performance Plus helps organization to develop plans and operations to make it healthy and profitable which further eliminate danger of failing and improve organization as a whole.The company correspondingly helps an organization to increase its effectiveness in term of process, operation, and procedure which overall increase efficiency within the organization.


Organization Management

Performance Plus helps organization to improve its management system and structure which further improve organization’s effectiveness and sustainability.


Project Management

Performance Plus provides specialized skills to assist organization in making the best decision and oversight. The company assists organization to execute projects from planning to completion.


Business Plan

Performance Plus provides its clients with a roadmap, attainable guideline goals, and plans to achieve those goals. In the past, the company already have concrete experiences working with the government agency to set up plans for their sectors.


Modern Management Consulting

Performance Plus use systematic mathematical techniques to analyze and understand the relationship of management and employees in all aspects.


Governance and Social Responsibility

Performance Plus helps an organization integrate social and environmental concerns through its business operations and interaction with stakeholders.


Performance Evaluation

Performance Plus uses tools to assess the levels of an organization to understand ways the tasks affect the business. Translating the organizational strategy into performance measurement in order to help organization achieve its goals.


Stakeholder Satisfaction Assessment

Stakeholder satisfaction is one of the most important criteria to improve organization performances. It is also important factor in measuring project management success. Performance Plus provide a measurement service for an organization to evaluate stakeholder satisfaction toward its organization.It is unarguable that customer is very important for every organization. Performance Plus also provide a measurement service for an organization to evaluate customer satisfaction toward its organization as well.


Project Research

Performance Plus values cost and benefit of our clients as first priority. The company offers analysis in term of performance, process, product, and output. Assisting organization to achieve certain objectives through the operation of Performance Plus.


Industrial Research

Performance Plus helps many government agencies in term of industry analysis. Industry analysis are very useful in variety of fields ranging from tourism to energy. It is also a tool that assist a company or organization to understand its position relatively to other companies that provide similar products or services within the same industry. Understanding the overall industry is an important piece of successful and effective strategic planning.


Market Research

Performance Plus provides market research and market analysis for organization. The company organizes effort to gather real data from the target market using statistical and analytical methods. Market research can be very essential to gain insight on the matter and further support critical decision making.


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