About Us

Performance Plus Company Limited was founded in 2005 by Mr.Thawesak Ruckying (CEO) and a team of consultants who have experience in management and organization development, corporate governance and social responsibility development. We specialize in organization evaluation, which is an important tool to improve and develop our customers’ ability to grow sustainably. In addition, we also have an “Event Management” team who specializes in organizing and managing the seminars, workshops and conferences at an international standard. Our good relationship with Thailand’s top educational institutions is also another great tool to help serve our customers with R&D support.

  • To be the leading consulting firm supporting our clients with organization development strategies and implementation, organization evaluation, foundation for good governance and social responsibility development.
  • To help improving the operational efficiency and enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of public and private organizations in Thailand.
  1. To bring up our customers' management capabilities to an international standard.
  2. To enhance our customers’ competitiveness, their operational efficiency and also to provide support to the customers to ensure these challenges are met.
  3. To support our customers with developing foundation for good governance and social responsibilities.
  4. To enhance a monitoring system, and also to provide our customers with support ensuring of the improvement of their organizational management, marketing strategies, financial management, and “People” training and development.
  5. To help support the co-operation between public and private organizations to maximize operational consistency and efficiency.